Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Playing with Sourdough

I have met my match when it comes to bread.  My oh my, sourdough starter from wild yeast. 
I had honestly thought I was ready, and that I had researched enough to know what I was getting into.  
Well, not all was bad, but I have to tell you, it's honestly a pet more than a live culture which would soon inhabit the dark corners of my fridge.

Starting off was easy. My starter was quite vigorously active.  And then going into day 3 thru day 6.... And sure enough I ran into the same problems many beginners had too.  And the worst part was I couldn't find a solve.
It when big, then went flat, then had liquid on bottom, then on top, then there weren't bubbles, the culture was thick, to thin, to thinly thick..... I know! Weird right?!??
It was essentially like having every problem all at once.
It seemed as if everyone's vice was to sit it out and keep feeding as directed.  They weren't kidding when they said patience is key. 

Sure enough I in turn made several test batches of baked goods from the discard upon day 5.  It sure seems like you produce the most discard at the start. Which makes sense to why avid bakers are very protective into ensuring their starter stays alive (that...and they do bake a whole lot). After a few more feedings heavily monitored. I soon started to get the smell and taste of what my end product was to be. 

Obviously I'm still a novice Baker.  Much needed work on scoring. But hey, it all ends up in the belly doesn't it?
If it's edible it's fair game.
- Linda

Friday, August 23, 2019

Vietnamese French Loaves

Originally Posted: Saturday, August, 17, 2019

Stayed up late last night because I had laundry to do and didn't want to do it during the day (even with smud no peak hr on weekends) Since I was going to be up past midnight...why not bake?
I made ground pork lettuce wraps for dinner from a center cut pork loin roast and had massive amounts leftover, so I sectioned off some and turned them into meatballs for Vietnamese Xiu Mai.  Yes VIETNAMESE .. not the Chinese dim sum dumplings.  It's basically an Italian meatball sandwich but on a French loaf, no cheese, and the meatballs are steamed in tomato sauce with a flair assortment of Asian seasonings. 

I've been baking bread for a while now and with tried and true practices... Using very sharp knives and even crafting blades to try to score bread, and yet always fails or looks sloppy.  So I broke down and bought a bread lame.  Sure enough Amazon was stalking me... It was on sale with added bonuses. 

$10.99 on Amazon
Super Super Sharp!

And I will say, good investment! I just now need to work on my techniques a tad more (learn something new everyday right?)
Was slightly disappointed there weren't as much air bubbles in the French loaves but the inside was soft and incredibly fluffy with the outside nice and crisp, I'm sure they will hold up when I build the sandwiches later today. 

Worth all that effort, it was delicious!

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Ruler of my Kitchen

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Strange feelings...

Oh me, oh my, I have not touched a blog in over a decade

I'm a bit out of touch to be honest.  But this seems like a quieter route than constantly posting all my kitchen adventures onto the facebook.  These days, everyone is so very involved in what their opinions are on the political climate, what they know, and what they feel everyone should feel.

Yet, all I want to do is share my kitchen adventures and my battle plan to completely rule my kitchen. *wink*

Meh, all in all...this will be a nice place to post things for a while so that I won't be flooding anyone's precious social feed.

-to be continued...
Ruler of my Kitchen